Been On This For Some Time!

To say I've been doing this for some time would be understating things, indicative of this is that I was identified as being dyslexic before the word itself was in common use.

But at least by the time I was 10 I knew the size of the hill to climb, and climbing it has brought so much experience that I now shoot film well because I did so first time round, and this makes me a very efficient digital photographer, thinking first rather than editing down from hundreds later. This journey has seen me in every role in photographic labs - when labs existed, and today this means I can run your project and edit garments in post to match a fabric to the pantone numbers used by the designer.

Along the way I've picked up the paper work, in the form of 2 Masters degrees, the first in Marketing and the second in Fashion Photography from London College of Fashion, plus a wide range of post grads and current professional memberships in marketing and in photography, I still cover all technical bases today.

In addition to client work I have a busy personal practice mostly producing montages and also film making interviewing elite athletes. I won't be shouting the loudest, but I'll probably be working the hardest.