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Insights From Elite Athletes

This project is part of my personal work the aim is to interview exceptional athletes, a term being used with the widest possible definition to include sportsmen and women of all generations. All those taking part have competed at either the World Championships, the Olympics or Paralympics.

The subject is however not their sport, rather it’s something at the centre of their lives, that is either directly relevant to them or is a socially important issue of which they have first-hand experience. The hope is in sharing their experience and knowledge it may be of benefit to others.

Although the project is primarily a video interview we also shoot some stills as well, the project has now got it's own home on The intention is to build up the number of interviews and in doing so highlight different issues of the moment or issues that are of a social interest. Over time i hope to speak to a number of different people and hopefully be able to get a range of views on the same subject.