Gavin Kemp

Photographer and Filmmaker : London and Nottingham : 07801705345 :
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Brought up in rural Nottinghamshire and identified as dyslexic at about 10 years old Gavin was initially guided away from photography, in the 1970’s and 80’s an inability to draw was seen as enough to discourage youngsters from going into the arts, this despite having had a camera in his hands since his early teens, even at school he was printing colour images in a black and white darkroom!It was not until his early 20's that as a film processing technician developing E6 film a career in the photographic industry commenced properly; this was the start of grounding in the industry that has proven invaluable. When the industry first showed signs of moving from film to digital in the late 80's and early 90's Gavin gained a degree in Business Studies and post graduate qualifications from the Chartered Institute of Marketing, it was these that took him in to marketing.

This was his transition from supplier to buyer and this brought with it knowledge of both sides of the industry. Continuing in Marketing and now with a Masters Degree it was the sale of his employers business that brought the opportunity of redundancy. This opportunity came with cash and other resources needed for the move into a career as a photographer, this move seamlessly brought together all his previous previous training and experience. The business was informally started in 2006, it was later in 2006 that Gavin started a part time Masters Degree in Fashion Photography, graduating from London College of Fashion in 2009, within a month of graduation and with a the business up and running he moved into a large studio, from this time he was able to work the business full time and has since gone onto work for major fashion and lingerie brands worldwide.